The Final Product

Itemized invoice

Driver's side running board support "repair" and attachment

Rear hood alignment and will not pull open

How the running board were attached to the front fenders. 

Krystopher stated the paint chipped while they were putting the running boards on, and covered it like this.

"Body work" on the driver's side quarter panel

Did not take windows out (or any other fixtures) for paint

The interior door panels that we sent with the car. Instead of taking them off to paint and do body work, he left them on and are covered and over spray and deep scuffs. 

First time driving it after getting it back. Tested the "new" windshield wipers. This one flew off, and when I switched them off, the one attached kept going. 

On Herbie's first drive after taking him back from Krystopher, I let the clutch out at a light, it stalled, and would not start again. I had to push the car to the side of the road, and it had to be towed back home. 

Didn't bother to put the handle back on

Steering wheel before Krystopher

Steering wheel after Krystopher

Ruined plastic trim rings

Ruined all of Herbie's car show magnets

Passenger side quarter panel "repair"

Brand new tail light missing a screw

Received it back with one working headlight, no working turn signals. 

Only one working tail light

How the headlight that doesn't work was placed in the housing

Front fenders not properly aligned 

Krystopher lost the trim piece for the glove box

Front fender beading

Paint overspray on the interior door panel

Speedometer is crooked, paint scuffed around the speedometer

Missing hinge and screw

Another missing screw

Overspray on the turn signal stalk that used to be black

Rear fender beading and alignment

Did not take windows out (or any other fixtures) for paint

Did not take windows out (or any other fixtures) for paint

Orange peel on the door sil

Orange peel on the hood

Weird paint texture on door

Scuff on engine hood

Paint texturing on door

Didn't bother to paint the speaker grates

Interior paint job

Spare rim painted and with overspray

A spare part that was not even for or off of our car, so if you had work done by Krystopher and are missing this part, let me know